AutoAD: Automatic Ad-Detection and Marking

Automatically detecting ad blocks and individual ads without markers is an extremely challenging problem. Attempts at solving this problem has resulted in relatively inaccurate performance. igolgi has developed a proprietary two-step process (operating in real-time) that very accurately finds both ad-blocks and individual ads in content. Our solutions have been applied to over 10 million hours of content and has proven to be highly accurate in finding ad blocks and individual ads in a wide range of television channels.

Product Highlights

  • Ingest a variety of live stream or file input formats
  • Inputs: MPEG2-TS, MP4 container with MPEG2, H.264 compression
  • Outputs: Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) on a per Frame basis
  • Preprocessing engine to identify characteristics of video
  • Decision engine to detect and mark Ad Blocks and individual ads
  • Easy to integrate REST API for product
  • Can be executed in a virtual or Cloud environment
  • Optimized for fast execution