BEO Live Transcoder/Packager/Encryptor/Origin Server

The BEO platform is a widely deployed, very robust transcoding, optional packaging and encryption platform that integrates with a wide variety of DRM providers to truly create Linear Live and Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) outputs. Together with an integrated ORIGIN server, content taken off satellite or any other broadcast source or coming in over IP networks can be transformed for ABR delivery. BEO also integrates with a wide variety of third-party packagers/encryptors and can hence be used for ABR transcoding only


Product Platform Highlights

  • Uncompressed or compressed live streaming inputs
  • Inputs: 8-VSB, ASI, IP, HD-SDI, HDMI, HLS, RTMP
  • SD and HD Formats on inputs and adaptive multi-stream outputs
  • H.264/HEVC full two-pass encoding
  • Super Low Delay mode supported
  • DASH Streaming
  • Apple HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Native synchronized MPEG2-TS outputs
  • Compatible with Wowza Media Server, MSFT IIS, and Akamai Compliant
  • Simultaneous Streaming and file archival in all modes
  • Multi-Resolution, multi-frame rate support
  • Multi-channel Audio support
  • MCTF de-interlacing for highest video quality with interlaced inputs