AutoObject: Detecting and Tracking Objects in Video

igolgi’s AutoObject is a real-time tool that has been used extensively in defense applications. It is a hardened tool to accurately detect, track and classify objects. We use several advanced supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms to accurately track moving objects and classify them.  

Product Highlights

  • Ingest a variety of live stream or file input formats
  • Inputs: MPEG2-TS, MP4 container with MPEG2, H.264 compression
  • Outputs: Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) on a per Frame basis
  • Preprocessing engine to identify characteristics of video
  • Decision engine to detect, track and classify objects using supervised or unsupervised techniques
  • Easy to integrate REST API for product
  • Can be executed in a virtual or Cloud environment
  • Optimized for fast execution
  • Customizable for wide variety of applications