EVO Announcement

igolgi Announces EVO- Encoding/Transcoding Family for Terrestrial Applications

December 10, 2010

igolgi, Inc., a provider of high quality video compression solutions based on multicore platforms, announced EVO 4004/8008 – a family of solutions for encoding and transcoding multiple channels for terrestrial broadcast applications including ATSC M/H.

The EVO family of solutions operate can accept either compressed inputs over IP or ASI formats. In addition, options for local channel encodes are also available over SD/HD-SDI inputs. EVO is available in 1, 2, 4 or 8 output channel configurations in a very compact 1U form factor. The EVO family can be used in two modes : Turnaround and Squeeze. The Turnaround mode is intended to accept legacy MPEG2 transport streams (over IP or ASI) and create mobile streams (eg. ATSC M/H) with outputs over an IP or ASI link to feed an upstream mux. The Squeeze mode can transcode the incoming MPEG2 legacy streams with very high quality to make room for the mobile streams.

“Our goal is to create very flexible offerings for a wide variety of deployments for ATSC M/H or other mobile broadcast operators,” quoted Jeff Cooper, CEO, igolgi Inc. “The EVO family has been designed for easy deployments for operators who want to create a comprehensive mobile offering or for those who want to simply add a mobile channel”, he added.

For further information on igolgi, visit the igolgi web site at www.igolgi.com.

About igolgi, Inc.

igolgi, Inc. is a provider of nextgenerationvideo compression products and services for digitaltelevision, internet hosting, and post production applications. Our products include video encoders, decoders andtranscoders that provide significantly greater efficiency and advanced features executing on general purpose server hardware. We are committed tobringing to the market superior software based video signal processing and compression solutionsby leveraging the compute power of multi-coreand hybrid computer platforms.

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