iGoCast- OTA and OTT for Broadcasters

To attract a wider audience for broadcasters, igolgi has developed and end-to-end platform for encoding both broadcast bouquets and for distributing the content over the top to end customers. Consumers can now enjoy their favorite over-the-air (OTA) channel lineup on their favorite mobile or portable devices.
We support both Android and iOS platforms with a variety of business model options for broadcasters- from freemium to subscription based.


Product Platform Highlights

  • Multichannel Transcoder- H.264 (HEVC support optional) with MPTS MPEG2 input from broadcast
  • Packager – HLS (with optional DASH in the future)
  • ORIGIN/Streaming server – supports multiple publishing points and up to 500 users
  • Streaming server is scalable to higher streamcounts
  • Middleware Generator – to enable broadcaster to create and publish the bouquet information
  • WebPortal integration
  • Customized Client Application (iOS and Android)
  • Client Subscription Portal using Paypal (Paypal integration)
  • Encryptor/DRM (optional)
  • Network DVR/Catchup TV (optional)
  • Ad-inserter/Replacement (Optional)