igolgi Announces Server-Based Broadcast Encoder with Statistical Multiplexing at NAB2013

26th March, 2013

igolgi, Inc., a provider of high quality video compression solutions based on multicore server platforms, announces an evolution to their VIVACE platform (high-quality encoding solution for ATSC Broadcast transmission) to include statistical multiplexing. With the enhanced platform, it will now be possible to deploy two HD channels on air or 1 HD and up to 4 SD channels or up to 6 SD channels of high-quality, statistically multiplexed MPEG2 programming in a very cost effective compact package.

We have spent significant R&D effort to create the best picture quality with statistically multiplexed MPEG2 channels, remarked Jeff Cooper, CEO of igolgi Inc. With our modern server based platform, we hope that customers can very cost-effectively transmit more channels at higher quality on their broadcast spectrum over the coming years.

For further information on igolgi, visit the igolgi web site at www.igolgi.com.

About igolgi, Inc.

igolgi, Inc. is a provider of nextgenerationvideo compression products and services for digitaltelevision, internet hosting, and post production applications. Our products include video encoders, decoders andtranscoders that provide significantly greater efficiency and advanced features executing on general purpose server hardware. We are committed tobringing to the market superior software based video signal processing and compression solutionsby leveraging the compute power of multi-coreand hybrid computer platforms.

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William Smith