igolgi Inc. Announces New Product Offerings at NAB 2017

ROCKY HILL, NJ– igolgi, Inc, a leading provider of video processing software and solutions, announces several new products and features at NAB 2017, the industry’s premier North American conference, from April 22-26, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

VIVACE Encoder Platform for 4K Encoding:The Vivace Encoder platform now supports HEVC Encoding/Transcoding support for resolutions up to 4K resolutions. Also available is multi-channel HD encoding support on the same platform for ATSC 3.0 broadcast customers.

STREAMENGINE FILE Encoding/Transcoding Platform for VOD:

A software based bulk file transcoder platform with capability to transcode to HEVC streams for VOD distribution.

“Our software-based Encoding platform will provide broadcasters and operators a future proof way to make investments in encoding technology for live and VOD operations,” said Jeff Cooper, CEO. “We support software upgrades on our encoding platform chassis to support HEVC/H.265 eco-systems as they get deployed,” he added.

For further information on our product portfolio or to schedule an appointment, please contact Kumar Ramaswamy at 609-334-5978 or visit our booth at South Upper 5626.

STREAMENGINE FILE Encoding/Transcoding Platform for VOD:

igolgi Inc. is a disruptive software company that has developed next generation video workflow solutions to enable multi-format, multi-platform content processing and distribution across broadcast, broadband and mobile networks. Using off-the-shelf Intel multi-core servers and sophisticated compression algorithms, igolgi has designed high-quality 100% software products and solutions that scale very cost-effectively.

For more information visit: www.igolgi.com or call us at 609-334-5978.