igolgi to Showcase Headend-in-a-Box for Simultaneous Linear and OTT Delivery

29th April, 2015

igolgi, Inc., a provider of high-quality media transformation solutions based on Intel multicore platforms, is pleased to announce a Headend-in-a-Box solution to ingest,transcode and create linear QAM modulated suite of up to 36 HD channels of programming while simultaneously creating an OTT suite of the same channel lineup(with multiple HLS, Smooth Streaming or HDS packaged profiles) with encryption support for IP distribution for up to several thousand simultaneous users. This package is a compact 2U solution and is a very cost effective package for operators wanting to create a new OTT tier of service and upgrading their current linear broadcast offering to HD.

“We expect the Headend-in-a-Box offering to help operators considering OTT distribution and transition to HD offerings. By bringing both solutions together and offering flexible business models in our package, we hope to convince operators to take both these steps”, said Dr. Kumar Ramaswamy, President, igolgi Inc.

For further information on igolgi, visit the igolgi web site at www.igolgi.com.

About igolgi, Inc.

igolgi, Inc. is a provider of nextgenerationvideo compression products and services for digitaltelevision, internet hosting, and post production applications. Our products include video encoders, decoders andtranscoders that provide significantly greater efficiency and advanced features executing on general purpose server hardware. We are committed tobringing to the market superior software based video signal processing and compression solutionsby leveraging the compute power of multi-coreand hybrid computer platforms.


Kumar Ramaswamy