igolgi Announces Server-Based Broadcast Encoder with Statistical Multiplexing at NAB2013

26th March, 2013

igolgi, Inc., a provider of high quality video compression solutions based on multicore platforms will unveil several exciting new products for studio workflow optimization at NAB 2013.

BEO-Studio builds on our adaptive streaming product line BEO and offers simultaneous outputs for live-stream, archival and proxy viewing/editing.

SLINGO is a very cost effective multi-site Over the Top (OTT) streaming solution targeting reliably transporting live-to-live and file-to-live streams over the Public Internet (instead of using dedicated links).

MAESTRO is an integrated encoder/decoder product that enables multi-site collaboration. It enables baseband router switch points to be available at remote sites which can be a tremendous boost to collaborative workflows.

‘These products are developed in close collaboration with our Tier 1 broadcast customers’ remarked Dr. Kumar Ramaswamy, President of igolgi Inc. ‘These products are intended to unleash the power and flexibility of IP networks in collaborative content creation and distribution. We have paid very careful attention to the needs of Broadcast and Studio customers to develop and deploy these solutions. The will significantly impact the recurring operational costs related to production.’

For further information on igolgi, visit the igolgi web site at www.igolgi.com.

About igolgi, Inc.

igolgi, Inc. is a provider of nextgenerationvideo compression products and services for digitaltelevision, internet hosting, and post production applications. Our products include video encoders, decoders andtranscoders that provide significantly greater efficiency and advanced features executing on general purpose server hardware. We are committed tobringing to the market superior software based video signal processing and compression solutionsby leveraging the compute power of multi-coreand hybrid computer platforms.

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