iLux – ATSC 1.0 Broadcast Encoder Platform

igolgi’s  iLux – ATSC1.0 Broadcast encoding platform series is a very versatile, compact, high quality and reliable encoding platform with a variety of configurations for standards based encoding. This product is well suited for ATSC 1.0  applications.

Using SD/HD-SDI input, a baseband signal with embedded audio can be encoded into MPEG2  streams at very high quality over a variety of supported resolutions and bit rates. CVBS or compressed ASI input options can also be supported.

Integrated statistical multiplexing to support multiple programs to be multiplexed over a single channel is included.

Simultaneous outputs over ASI (multiple outputs for redundancy) and IP makes the iLux- ATSC 1.0 encoder a complete system solution for broadcasters.

In addition, the iLux- ATSC 1.0 platform can optionally support the CALM act and offers Emergency Alert System (EAS) integration through a CVBS or IP input interface.

Static PSIP and input interface (over IP) to support an external dynamic PSIP generator is also available as a standard feature.


Product Platform Highlights

  • High Quality MPEG2 video Compression optimized for multicore CPUs
  • RTP/UDP/IP and MPEG2-TS transport outputs
  • CBR, VBR and capped VBR rate output rates
  • True Multi-pass for maximum compression efficiency and high video quality
  • Distributed Statistical Multiplexing (for multichannel configurations)
  • CALM Act (SW option)
  • Emergency Alert System – EAS (optional – through CVBS or IP interface)
  • Logo Insertion
  • Text scrolling feature with complete week schedule for scrolling
  • Flexible , in-depth, Web based management and control interfaces
  • Customizable software platform for easy integration
  • NTP clock synchronization
  • External clock sync. available for HD-SDI input
  • Automatic redundancy management
  • SNMP for monitoring and control
  • Dual ASI/IP Output Option
  • Different Form Factors for various configurations(1RU, 2RU, 4RU)