iLux – ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Encoder

The iLux Broadcast ATSC 3.0 NexGen Studio Platform integrates an encoder, signaling and delivery services and a broadcast gateway in a very flexible system architecture to serve different operational requirements of broadcasters.

The platform supports up to 8 HD video and audio streams to be compressed, packaged, integrated with other signaling and metadata information and encapsulated into the STLTP protocol for delivery to one or more transmitters.

The system is also capable of delivering a DASH packaged ATSC 3.0 compliant audio and video streams created at a studio to be pushed to a remote transmitter location housing the signaling and delivery services and broadcast gateway to feed an ATSC 3.0 exciter at the transmitter location.

Other services such as Electronic Service Guide, emergency announcements etc. can be integrated with the iLux Broadcast platform. With a unified user interface to set up and monitor the performance of the system, the iLux Broadcast ATSC 3.0 truly simplifies the deployment of ATSC 3.0 services.


Product Platform Highlights

  • Up to two 4K, 8 HD or 25 SD channels of encoding
  • Flexible input options – IP, ASI or SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
  • Flexible output options – IP Unicast/multicast or encoder DASH output
  • Integrated or split architecture – encoder+signaling server+broadcast gateway or encoder with DASH output, signaling server and broadcast gateway in remote location
  • A.324 compliant output to feed single or SFN transmitters
  • Aggregate up to 20 live and NRT streams for ATSC 3.0 delivery
  • ESG metadata processing – integration with variety of guide providers (Optional)
  • NRT and interactive applications delivery
  • ROUTE to deliver MPEG DASH Segments
  • SLT and SLS signaling tables generation and transmission
  • MMTP support to deliver media processing units
  • Encapsulated ROUTE and MMTP streams in to STLTP broadcast gateway
  • Automatic configuration of ATSC 3.0 exciters and individual addressing
  • Multiple subframes and multiple physical layer pipes (PLP) management
  • 4 PLP support, 8 PLP optional
  • PTP/NTP source synchronization
  • Optional SRT support to feed transmitter over IP