Kencast and igolgi Announce Adaptive Streaming Solution

Capture Video at Highest Quality,
Then Deliver Best Quality Possible

Stamford,CT USA and Rocky Hill, NJ – April 6, 2011. Rapidly spreading 3G & 4G IP networks enable new technologies to provide live streaming coverage from mobile platforms. By bonding together multiple wireless IP networks and accelerating on them, it is possible to aggregate enough bandwidth for video capture at HD quality. But if you then must deliver these live streams to computers on high speed LANS and smartphones with a single wireless connection, the highest quality collection cannot be delivered to each Viewer unless you also take new advantage of transcoding and multi-rate compression.

By sensing the Viewer’s available bandwidth, transcoding and compression enable delivery of the best quality live stream to each Viewer.

Kencast, a leading provider of live streaming coverage of events from mobile platforms, and igolgi Inc., a provider of high quality video processing solutions for broadcast and Internet distribution, announced today that the two companies have entered into a partnership to provide reliable, high quality, secure, real-time Transcoding and Adaptive streaming solutions targeting multiple client devices including Tablets, Smartphones, Desktop computers, and TVs.

“We believe that creating a robust, scalable, live streaming solution aimed at a vast variety of end devices is the key to the next generation of Over the Top, On-demand and Live services,” remarked Dr. Bill Steele, CEO of Kencast. “Our patented transport technology with IP Network bonding, acceleration and error correction, coupled with igolgi’s industry leading compression solutions for Adaptive streaming has created a very compelling offer for Cloud Based or Turnkey deployments”, he added.

“The ability to stream any live content reliably with a very simple set of tools will enable several new content distribution models. Working with Kencast, we intend to put this capability into the hands of every Internet user,” said Jeff Cooper, CEO , igolgi. “Adaptive streaming to Flash, Apple or Microsoft formats will cover a vast variety of end device types.The marriage of robust transport and high quality compression will indeed create a superior media experience for end users even if they are on unreliable networks”, he added.

The Live Transcoding and Adaptive Streaming to laptops and smartphones from the Cloud will be demonstrated at NAB 2011 at Kencast’s booth #SU5302 and at the igolgi booth #SU9203, on April 11-14, 2011. During the NAB2011 Show in Las Vegasanyone worldwide can watch the demonstration at


Kumar Ramaswamy,
igolgi, Inc., Princeton NJ

Jim Carroccia,
KenCast, Inc., Stamford