Over 2000 Live channels being encoded/transcoded using igolgi-CSI Digital Platform

Platform now encoding in excess of 2,000 live channels

Portland, Oregon and Rocky Hill, NJ – 4th April., 2013

As consumers increasingly demand that video content be viewed any time, any place, and on any device, content and service providers seek technology featuring an adaptable encoding / transcoding platform that meets the rapidly changing market and technology challenges they face. Together, CSI Digital and igolgi have been ensuring providers meet these demands in video delivery since 2010 with the xCoder ™ (www.xcoder.tv) family of video products.

The xCoder ™ is an encoding/transcoding system based on optimized software that runs on generic server hardware. As such, the product has taken root with content and service providers in a big way. With the ability to ingest off-air, off-satellite, ASI, analog or an IP feed and create program bouquets for IPTV, cable or OTT distribution using the same server hardware infrastructure, the xCoder ™ platforms can be deployed very cost effectively for all tiers of video providers.

As proof of continued success for providers, CSI Digital and igolgi Inc. recently announced that the xCoder ™ platform is now encoding in excess of 2,000 live aggregate channels of video for their customers who individually must meet their market demands. Building on CSI’s system expertise and igolgi’s video technology expertise, the two companies have continued to enhance and deploy the xCoder ™ branded encoding/transcoding solutions for IPTV and cable operators since 2010.

“We believe in creating an affordable, robust, scalable encoding/transcoding solution that not only serves the current market needs but can also be upgraded in the future as standards and technologies evolve,” remarked Lu Bolden, President of CSI Digital. “Working closely with our partner igolgi, we have created solutions that fit the changing needs of telco and cable operators to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy video services”, he added.

“Our systems have been designed from the ground up to take maximal advantage of the available multicore CPU horsepower and memory bandwidth at a given quality level and bit rate ,” said Kumar Ramaswamy, President of igolgi. “Working closely with CSI Digital, we have designed algorithms that are flexible and optimally meet the quality expectations of the customers we serve together”, he added.

The two companies will to deliver additional innovative features on these platforms to enable operators to maximize their return on capital investment while meeting the challenging demands of the video consumer today and in the future.

For further information on igolgi, visit the igolgi web site at www.igolgi.com.


Kumar Ramaswamy



Lu Bolden, lbolden@csidigital.net

CSI Digital,Portland OR www.csidigital.net