Presto HD T301- a Multi-channel Transcoder and Format Converter

August 17, 2010

igolgi, Inc., a provider of high quality video compression solutions based on multicore platforms, announced Presto T301 – a highly optimized SD and HD multi-format transcoder and format converter.

The Presto T301 is capable of trancoding and format converting up to 8 SD channels or 2HD channels in a single compact 1U rack. In addition, the Presto T301 product includes a programmable delay feature for the various time zones, volume control on an individual channel basis, and also performs error correction on the input and inserts forward error correction (COPv3) on the outgoing signal.

“We continue to ride the x86 platform cost curve and have delivered the Presto T301 solution with twice the density of our T201 product,” quoted Jeff Cooper, CEO, igolgi Inc. “The reliability and versatility of the product will be a natural fit for customers looking for SD or HD conversion applications”, he added.

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About igolgi, Inc.

igolgi, Inc. is a provider of nextgenerationvideo compression products and services for digitaltelevision, internet hosting, and post production applications. Our products include video encoders, decoders andtranscoders that provide significantly greater efficiency and advanced features executing on general purpose server hardware. We are committed tobringing to the market superior software based video signal processing and compression solutionsby leveraging the compute power of multi-coreand hybrid computer platforms.


Kumar Ramaswamy