StreamEngine – File Transcoder/Packager/Encryptor

The StreamEngine file processing platform serves a wide variety of content distribution customers who can cost-effectively and reliably convert their studio masters to linear or ABR formats for distribution. The platform has a very strong suite of telecine processing that automatically dejitters previously telecined content. The unique feature results in the best video quality at the lowest bandwitfh for our customers.

StreamEngine also been integrated with Asset Management solutions and Object Storage solutions to create a very powerful file processing systems for operators. The architecture is also forward looking for next generation audio and video codec formats and other aggregation functions..


Product Platform Highlights

  • Input File Formats: MPEG2 TS, MP4
  • Multiple File Format support
  • Outputs: MPEG2 TS, MP4, HLS*, HDS* or Smooth Streaming transport packaging
  • SD and HD Formats on inputs and adaptive multi-stream outputs
  • MPEG2/H.264/HEVC full two-pass encoding
  • DASH format support
  • Apple HTTP Dynamic Streaming* format support
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming format support
  • Compatible with Concurrent eFactor, Wowza Media Server, MSFT IIS, and Adobe FMS
  • Simultaneous VOD file creation in all modes
  • Multi-Resolution, multi-frame rate support
  • Multi-channel Audio support
  • MCTF de-interlacing for highest video quality with interlaced inputs