Our Technology

igolgi’s solutions are built on three technology pillars:

Multi-core CPU encoding Algorithms

igolgi’s key…

igolgi’s key value is encoding of video on multi-core CPU platforms. Our codecs are written ground up with algorithms carefully chosen to leverage multi-core CPU architectures and to work around their limitations. We break down tasks at the right level of granularity to evenly spread the load across all the CPUs hence extracting optimal performance. Our patent pending adaptive load balancing techniques enables us to almost linearly scale our performance with the number of available cores.

We break down tasks at the right level of granularity keeping in mind the underlying CPU and memory bandwidth architecture. As the number of cores increase, these tasks can be assigned to the available processor by the load balancer. Our solution is usually tuned in a manner so that the processor is not starved and we have not created any memory-bandwidth bottleneck.

Software Product Platform

igolgi’s Software Product Platform enables us to rapidly developed tailored products and solutions. The Software Product Platform has been architected to make component insertion and system test very easy to manage. Our modular approach helps us cut down our development time and creates well tested robust software components. Our application framework presents APIs that are easy to use or modify as per customer requirements.

Sound Product Engineering

igolgi’s software solutions have been built to guarantee the same level of performance as a hardware solution. This is accomplished by our expertise in   networking issues in addition our in depth video processing knowledge