The VIVACE Studio is a low-latency platform with an encoder-decoder pair (SDI) that enables low delay transport of video streams between facilities. We can compress using H.264 or HEVC for bandwidth efficient compression. Standards based error correction and encryption/decryption are also available to transport content over open IP links safely and reliably.


Product Highlights

  • Encoder/Decoder combination for Contribution application with back channel
  • High quality H.264/HEVC video compression optimized for Multicore CPUs
  • Multiple HD-SDI inputs and outputs
  • Redundant IP outputs
  • RTP/UDP/IP and MPEG2-TS transport outputs
  • CBR, VBR and capped VBR rate output rates
  • Low Latency Mode of Operation (< 4 frames end-to-end delay)
  • Logo Insertion
  • Flexible , in-depth, Web based management and control interfaces
  • Customizable software platform for easy integration
  • NTP clock synchronization
  • External clock sync. available for HD-SDI input and HD-SDI outputs
  • Automatic redundancy management
  • SNMP for monitoring and control
  • Different Form Factors for various configurations(1RU, 2RU)